Motivation system based on the bracelet Nike Fuelband SE.

” Nowadays, rapidly carrying us all to the technological singularity , every available space on the hands (or body ) is already a human subject for any possible life of the device. Google ” landed ” on the “eye” with your Google Glass. Panasonic made ​​headphones that transmit sound through the bone. Smartphones, supplanted with our wrists watch ( or turn these old timepieces with a couple-three functions rather decoration ) to acquire the additional gadget ( SAT ) as a “smart ” hours and returning on our hands .

On one of these devices , who took the “niche” wrists , Nike Fuelband SE I want to tell , not only from a technical standpoint , but also motivational and psychological .

Why I bought Nike Fuel Band ?

I spend a lot of time at the computer. Working for several years at home with periodic field visits to the city and this sedentary lifestyle, eventually led to the fact that last summer, on one of the training badminton , during a botched jump, I tore myself Achilles tendon in his left leg” . Continue reading…

And one of the points of my program became bracelet Nike Plus Fuelband  SE. Among other items – a healthy diet, proper sleep , exercise with a more dynamic and regular loads … That is nothing new (all this is known to every schoolchild ) , so leave all these items outside of this post and look at the actual bracelet.

Nike Fuel Band  SE Motivation System

Before you begin to deal with something , we should at least acknowledge his presence . And the first thing we have to admit to anyone who wants to take over your health – it’s your own laziness.

We , IT people , it is called ” power saving mode “, and in order to raise themselves ” by the scruff ” and get away from the computer , go for a walk , you need a ” kick ” , the momentum and preferably coming from the “external” environment. Ie if it is a pop-up window every hour reminder that you can close with a mouse click – this will not work.

Bracelet Nike Fuelband SE may become the pulse beckoning walk and dial “glasses » (Fuel).

Actually, around these points of physical activity ( Fuel )and construct a system of motivation of owners of these bracelets. The essence is simple – a bracelet integrated accelerometer that registers your physical activity , and converts it into standard units of Fuel.
 Owner bracelet exposes goal ( minimum number of points that need to be collected during the day ) and tends to perform every day (or even better – surpass ) its norm.

But let’s start from the beginning.

Unpacking and Installation Fuelband SE Continue reading…

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