Garmin Vivofit review.

       Garmin Vivofit Review and comparison with

FuelBand SE and FitBit Force fitness trackers.


Q.Which colors Vivofit available? A.There are 5 available colors (see image below) – Black,  Slate, Teal, Blue and Purple. (vs FitBit FORCE comes in two colors Black and Slate) all_color_garmin_vivofit Q. What size is this fitness trackers? A. Dimensions of the GarminVivoFit are shown on picture: vivofit_size Q. Is the device waterproof? A. Yes of course, Vivo Fit  is water proof to 50m. ( compare – The Nike+ FuelBand SE  is water resistant. It is safe to wear in the shower . But, since FuelBand SE  is not waterproof, it’s not recommended for use while swimming) Q.How long enough battery?
VivoFit has a 1+ year battery life!
Q. How many  is VivoFit cost?How much are other fitness trackers? (for example, from companies such as Nike, Polar or  FitBit )
A. The price of this device is $ 129.99  . For comparison, the price of FuelBand SE is $ 138.99 ,  the price of FitBit Force is $ 129.95 ,the price of FitBit Flex is $ 99.95

Other Features Garmin Vivofit: 24/7 Wearable Technology • Soft, comfortable band in a variety of colors • Will withstand showers and swims • Band Sizes: • Small: 4.7 – 6.9” / 120 – 175mm • Large: 6.0 – 8.3” / 152 – 210mm (versus  Nike+ Fue Band SE have 3 sizes SMALL 150–190.5 mm,MEDIUM/LARGE 155–196mm and X-LARGE     180+mm.  FitBit Force have 2 sizes- SMALL 140-176 mm and LARGE 161-209 mm) • Over One Year Battery Life • Replaceable Bands and Accessory Band Packs On-Device Display: • Current time • Total steps & distance • Calories burned • Auto-goal • Inactivity Alert/Move Bar • Heart rate and zone when paired with HRM Garmin Connect:   The  Garmin Connect   has a completely updated look and feel, with improved navigation and a customizable dashboard. The new Garmin Connect is now compatible with the the new Garmin fitness band  VivoFit.

• Track activities- • Sleep, food and weight loss • Compare/Challenge with other users • Earn virtual badges for motivation Feature Breakdown: Auto-Goal : • Personalized daily goal is calculated based on data you enter at setup (i.e. current activity level: low, medium, high) and adjusts daily per activities tracked. Inactivity Meter – Move Bar : • A red move bar appears on the display after one hour of inactivity and builds when you’ve been sitting too long.Just walk for a couple of minutes to reset the move bar. Sleep Tracking Mode : • Detects movement while you sleep and when synced with Garmin Connect users will see a graph of movement throughout the night. HRM Compatibility : • When used with a compatible heart rate monitor, displays heart rate and heart rate zones. Using a heart rate monitor with vívofit to record heart rate and zone data will achieve more accurate calorie burn information for any fitness activity, such as a run or a cardio class at the gym. Where else can you read reviews about  Garmin Vivofit?

 Garmin Vivofit review: Hands-on at CES 2014 – What is the Garmin Vivofit? The Garmin Vivafit is a wrist fitness tracker designed to be worn all the time, just like a normal watch. It tracks your steps and works out how many calories you’re burning every day… Continue reading Hands on: Garmin Vivofit review   Vivofit is rerouting the incredible short battery life of wearable gadgets by launching an always-on fitness tracker that lasts more than a year on a single charge. We were able to wear the Vivofit fitness band without wearing down the battery at CES 2014 and quickly discovered that its secret is eschewing a backlight on its curved LCD screen and using some low-power efficiency tricks. That’s pretty amazing given the fact that leading fitness trackers, like the Fitbit Force and Nike FuelBand SE, require recharging every seven days if you’re lucky. They also require pushing a tiny button in order to read the time, daily step count, distance and calories. Viva fit displays all of this information without the need to press anything at all. Its single button is just used to cycle through the data… Continue readingGarmin ForeRunner
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