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Nike FuelBand SE Fitness gadget 2014

 The Fuel Band SE is the latest accessory from Nike that can potentially transform your fitness routine   like  FitBit Flex, Garmin VivoFit, Jawbone Up, Polar Loop and other Fitness Trackers. Whether your are non-athletic or training hard, the band is full of useful features that are fun to use. Within a day of wearing your FuelBand SE you will begin to feel like you would be missing something without it and this review explains why.

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Best Fitness Gadgets 2014

By Amanda Rodriguez about Gadgets for Fitness

Almost everyone’s New Year’s resolution for 2014 has been a commitment – or at least a refocus on fitness issues and goals. For one, we can’t blame you, new years is a great time to recommit yourself to a healthy lifestyle and to brush off those gym membership cards. However, there are smaller ways you can stay fit and on top of your game. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. Here, we’ll explore further the best fitness gadgets you can buy that will help you reach those weight loss gains, or just being healthier.

Fitness gadgets are portable little accessories that make your life so much easier. If you like playing games, you’ll love this first gadget that we recommend, the Striiv. As a keychain, this fitness toy comes with a built in accelerometer and altimeter, measuring how many steps you have taken, to how many stairs you have climbed, and even tell you the speed you’re going. All the points you collect can be used to power a game that is also built into the device. The game urges you to collect more points to build a total environment, kind of like SimCity. Detailed charts also show a summary and record the number of steps, or how fast you were going according to day, and also compare your scores to the national average to keep you motivated.

Next, we recommend the iPod Nano, which has a great fitness feature that you can really put to use tucked inside its touchscreen. The fitness icon will give you three options for organizing and charting your workout. The device has a built-in accelerometer but can also calculate the distance and the calories that you have burned. All the information is collected and can be viewed when you press a history button, which shows your personal best and even work out totals from previous weeks. This device,  like  Polar Loop,FitBit Force, Garmin VivoFit, Jawbone Up, also keeps you going by providing a library of personal work out songs, and if you buy a sport watch band, you can wear your nano right on your wrist, without having to hold it during working out.

Some people down play the importance of an accurate scale. Why work out and put in all that effort if the pounds you shed are not accurately shown on the scale? Even more so, for those serious about fitness, you may find it useful to get an accurate blood pressure calculation. A scale that will display your weight, BMI, and total body fat in pounds may come in handy, and all this information, can be sent wirelessly to your smartphone as well. From there, it will show you a graph of your progression, from weight loss, to blood pressure. All this information will keep you on track, and motivated. You can even base what you’re going to eat off of this information.

Lastly, what the best fitness gadgets won’t do, no matter how useful, is keep your health protected. For this, the most useful thing is to get a medical insurance policy that will cover your medical expenses and general health related issues. This, combined with a healthier lifestyle and fitness regime, will give you a great head start to the new year.

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FuelBand SE vs FitBit Flex. Polar Loop or FitBit Flex, Fuel Band 2014 ,Garmin VivoFit versus Jawbone Up and other Fitness Gadgets compare.

Fitbit Flex

Fitbit Flex Fitbit Flex Make fitness a lifestyle with Flex. Flex wearable technology – Wireless Activity & amp; Sleep Wristband This slim, stylish device is with you all the time. During the day, it tracks steps, distance, and calories burned. At night, it tracks your sleep quality and wakes you silently in the morning. Just check out the lights to see how you stack up against your personal goal. It’s the motivation you need to get out and be more active. Flex never sleeps, even when you do. Continue to wear it all night and it’ll measure your sleep quality. Your dashboard will reveal how long you slept and the number of times you woke up to help you learn how to sleep more soundly. Flex also has a silent wake alarm that gently vibrates to wake you at your desired time, without disturbing your partner. Flex automatically syncs your data to PCs, Macs, the iPhone 4S, 5, 5S & 5C, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPod touch, and to select Android phones without plugging in or pushing buttons. This gives you real-time access to your stats on the Fitbit dashboard throughout the day. Also with select NFC-enabled Android devices, you can tap your device to launch your Fitbit stats. It’s like magic. Flex comes with free online tools and a mobile app that allow you to set goals and follow your progress through awesome graphs and charts. Log food, workouts and much more and get the inside scoop on your health. Knowing how close you are to reaching your goals gives you the motivation to reach them and aim higher. Challenge and compete with friends and family on Fitbit.com. In addition to rooting for one another, you can compare stats and see how your progress stacks up.
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Fitbit Force Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband - Slate/ Large - Gray Fit bit Force Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband – Slate/ Large – GrayStay motivated to meet your health goals with a smart wristband thats ready when you need it. Exercising, eating right and sleeping well are keys to good health, and Fit it Force Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband helps you set goals and track all three. Count steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and stairs climbed. At night, wear the comfortable wristband to bed to see how long and well you sleep. A vibrating alarm even wakes you at your desired time. View real time stats on your wrist, and sync wirelessly to analyze your data on a smartphone or computer. Available in two sizes (Large, Small) Get Accurate Data Advanced technology including an accelerometer and altimeter help you keep track of data, including calories burned, stairs climbed, distance traveled and steps taken. Monitor How Well You Sleep Getting enough sleep Fitbit Force tracks your sleep cycle, including how often you woke up. Use charts to spot patterns and learn how to get a better nights sleep. Comfortable to Wear Force is so comfortable, youll forget its on. Its splash proof too. Reach Goals Fast Use the app for some friendly competition or integrate with other apps. Get help pushing yourself further toward your health goals, See real time stats on your wrist and wirelessly sync them, Track trends and set fitness goals from your smartphone or computer