Can Fitness Gadgets Help You Lose Weight?

Monday, November 18th, 2013


Can Fitness Gadgets Help You Lose Weight?

By TC Thorn

Fitbit wireless activity + sleep trackers

Losing weight and staying fit is a goal for many. New technologies are always coming along to help us with our goals. With so many fitness gadgets on the market, the big question becomes which are good (because they can actually help you build muscle and lose weight), which are bad, and which are just plain crazy. Let’s have a look at a few fitness gadgets these from each category.

The Good

The good can help you build muscle or lose weight. Some can even do both, depending on the gadget.

Nintendo Wii – If you thought the Nintendo Wii gaming console was just another game machine you’d be wrong. This revolutionary game console offers some terrific fitness programs, including Cardio Boxing, Wii Fit, and Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum to name just a few. Yoga, Pilates, cardio, strength training, and sports are all just a disc away in your home. Many a couch potato has become a fitness buff since the Nintendo Wii. Fitness Gadgets and Lose Weight

Walk Vest – If you haven’t heard of the walk vest, it’s a heavy black vest that comes with eight pounds of weight up to sixteen pounds in the biggest vest. You increase the weight of the vest by placing weights in the pockets. It also includes a workout CD. It may not be pretty but it definitely makes your walk more effective.

IPod Shuffle – If you don’t consider the iPod shuffle a fitness gadget you’d be wrong. It’s a great way to take your mind off your taxing workout and keep you pushing on. After all listening to your favorite music can be energizing in itself.

The Ab Wheel – The ab wheel has you grab the handles located on each side and then you roll it along the floor as you stretch out. It’s a simple idea. Whether there’s any real value is debatable since the same benefit could be enjoyed from a crunch, but it may get a beginner going who might otherwise not get a great ab workout.

The Bad

While they may work, they just seem like a bad idea all around.

The Fitness Cube – The sales pitch is around how it will transform your body and take up little space in your home. It can be used as a chair, and hides a variety of accessories. Whether it’s got any real value appears to be a negative, although the infomercial is pretty funny.

The Perfect Pushup – If you thought the pushup was above being improved, you’d be wrong. The perfect pushup is a device with rubber bottoms and swivel handled mounts. The grip rotation lets you take your pushup to a new level. The question is whether there’s any real fitness value and the answer is no.

The Crazy

What fun would it be if we didn’t mention a couple of the crazy fitness ideas that have come to be.

iGallop – The iGallop is designed to simulate a horseback ride, working the thighs, lower back, and abdomen. That said Pilates are a much better workout.

Shake Weight – The object to Shake Weight is to have inertia tighten and tone your arms using vibration. Whether it works or not is really unknown but logic would say no. It is however one of the craziest devices we’ve seen.

There you have it. The good, the bad, and the crazy. It would seem that while fitness gadgets can certainly help build muscle and lose weight, they can also do nothing. Before wasting your money on something you won’t use–or that will break the first time you try it–it’s important to do some research. Read reviews online and follow your favorite health and fitness blogs. If you choose your fitness gadgets carefully, you might have a tool that can help you reach your goals; if you don’t choose carefully, you’ll just end up with more clutter that will end up in the garage.

If you like to read about fitness and sports gadgets [], check out the author’s blog. Daily posts highlight the good, the bad, and the crazy (hey, we have to be able to find entertainment in the workout world, right?).

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Fitbit Aria


FuelBand SE for yoga or weight lifting

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Wearing the Nike+ FuelBand for yoga or weight lifting


Fitness trackers compare and buy.

Nike+ FuelBand SE and first generation FuelBand track your aggregate activity throughout the day and are best suited for activities with full-body motion that include at least some amount of wrist motion.
If you use a treadmill, elliptical trainer, or stair climber, you’ll earn more NikeFuel by using your arms rather than holding the rails.
If you weight train or do yoga, your FuelBand or FuelBand SE may not capture as much NikeFuel as they do for other activities that involve more full-body and wrist motion. By wearing your device throughout the day, you’ll have an overall representation of your activity, including both full-body activity and activity with more limited motion.

With the Nike+ FuelBand SE, there is a new feature called Session Calibration, which allows you to modify the perceived intensity output of your Session, giving you more NikeFuel for that Session. Session Calibration is limited to three types of activities: Yoga, Training, and Cyclin.

Reviewing new apps for fitness tracking. Part 4.

Sunday, November 10th, 2013

Fitbit ForceNew Android and Apple

Applications and tools for
fitness gadgets- Welly, Health Month, Fit Bolt, Calories 3…








Welly mobile app enables you to track your activity in a fun and simple way. Welly is your personal avatar, fed by your daily activity. Running with your friends, working out at fitness, at your work place or home, use Welly app anywhere and anytime to check your activity score. Welly connects to your gadget for fitness account and shows how well you’re doing. At the end of the day you can let your friends know that you and your Welly are in shape by sharing your score through various social web channels.Get Started

Health_Month Health Month
Live healthier, for fun! Health Month is a monthly game that’s all about making small improvements to your health, one month at a time. Health Month helps you take the science of nutrition and behavior change and combine it with social gaming tools. Players pick one or more rules from the menu of dietary, fitness, relationship, mental health and financial health behaviors, or design their own rules to follow for a month, choose-your-own-adventure-style. Health Month is all about exploring what works for you. Get Started


WeightGrapher WeightGrapher
WeightGrapher reveals trends in your weight. It helps you reach your diet and exercise goals by enabling you to see past the daily ups and downs – ignore the weight: follow the trend. Use the notes feature to mark changes in your habits and easily identify them at a glance on your graphs.Get Started





Low Battery Notifier
(only for Fitbit Fitness tracking gadgets) Fitbit Low Battery Notifier sends you a message each time your Fitbit tracker needs some power to charge its batteries. Both e-mail and SMS (USA numbers only) notifications are supported. Get Started


FitBolt is a workday health & wellness platform that helps you stay healthy, fit, and happy at your desk. FitBolt provides you with notifications and reminders throughout the workday with info or actions to better yourself with health, nutrition, exercise, stretches, wellness, and posture. FitBolt integrates with a FitBit fitness gadget by allowing you to track calories burned from the stretches and exercises performed from FitBolt.
Get Started

 sleep_trackingSleep Debt
SleepDebt connects with your Fitbit Force or Flex to analyze your sleep data and debt. Set what time you want to wake up and how many hours of sleep you are aiming for per night, and the site will let you know what time you should go to sleep. Each night, it helps you catch up on your sleep, until you clear your sleep debt. We encourage you not to try to catch up all at once, so the site will only recommend 30% of your sleep debt at a time. Catch up on your sleep finally! Get Started


macaw Macaw
Macaw transforms your smartphone into the ultimate personal health monitor connecting many of your favorite health and fitness apps and wireless devices. This zippy little app will help you assess your health, and track your exercise, weight, calories, biometrics and more. The Macaw is like your personal health hub and includes GPS that tracks your activity whether you’re running, walking or cycling. Plus, it includes games and prizes so that making healthy choices like getting your tail feathers in motion, is less like a chore and more like fun! Sync Macaw with your Nike Fuel Band SE or FitBit Force(Flex) in the “tracker” tab by entering your email and password.

trend_weight TrendWeight
TrendWeight is a weight trend analysis tool. The idea is pretty simple-You weigh yourself each day, and TrendWeight will plot a moving average from your daily weight data. This gives you a better idea of your weight trend by masking normal day-to-day weight variation. You’ll also get some stats to help you hit your desired rate of weight loss. Get Started

  fittap FitTap
Do you want to harness the full power of personal analytics, but don’t have the time to log recurring activities, such as your morning jog, or drinking a bottle of water? Try FitTap, a solution that lets you log activities, food & water intake, sleep, and weight changes simply by scanning custom NFC-tags with your NFC-enabled smartphone! Get Started

calories_3 Calories 3
Your personal diet, health and fitness coach: -Track, analyze and improve your diet. – Control and reduce your weight drastically. – Control your calorie usage and improve your fitness. – Track and analyze your body data chronologically. -Import data from Fitbit,Fuel Band, BodyMedia and Withings on the fly.
Get Started. Calories 3 Website


myKilos is an innovative weight tracking Android app, which focuses on being simple and easy to understand. myKilos is simple because you can manage your weight data with just few intuitive clicks. myKilos is easy to understand because it focuses on fewer data and provides colour-based annotations. Each weight measurement you enter is marked with a colour that clearly shows if you are reaching your desired target weight. myKilos allows you to retrieve and store your data on Fitbit Force or Nike Plus Fuel Band SE gadgets for fitness.
Get Started



my_fit_League MyFitLeague
MyFitLeague motivates you to be active in the most entertaining way. We want to challenge you based on your daily activity. Participate in online fitness league and compete against other active people. MyFitLeague has a league for everyone according to gender, age and activity. You can also compete in many tournaments and world cups. Get Started

Fitbit wireless activity + sleep trackers

Much more of reviews applications and tools for fitness gadgets coming soon.Fitbit Force Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband - Black/ Large - Gray Subscribe to new reviews.

Hire a Quality Fitness Trainer or Buy Fitness Gadgets.

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013


Hire a Quality Fitness Trainer or Buy Fitness Gadgets –

FitBit Flex, Fit Bit Force, Fuel Band,Jawbone Up.

For those attracted to obtaining quality fitness results, a fitness coach is the only appropriate method to go.

For those wanting to waste their time with ineffective tactics, a fitness coach isn’t the solution for you.Fitness gadget 2013 Fitbit Force wireless activity + sleep trackers

But, if you are 1 of the many folks seeking to enhance their level of fitness without wasting useful time and resources, a fitness coach is the appropriate choice.

The Benefits Of A Fitness Coach

The advantages of a fitness coach span longer than the rap sheet of a vocation criminal. Much of the benefits of using a fitness coach include:

one. You get exclusive fitness knowledge from the person who is an authority on the topic.

2. You get access to invaluable assistance that will allow you reach your fitness ambitions.

3. Hiring a fitness coach enables you to focus on the actual exercise & not the fitness preparing.

four. Finally, a fitness coach permits you to learn methods on how you could keep the body that you are trying to accomplish.

If these are not sufficient to convince you to hire an individual trainer, you might not be that interested in increasing your fitness.

Giving the gift of better private fitness to yourself is one of the finest gifts that you can receive, so you need to reward yourself today by employing the services of your neighborhood fitness trainer.

Gratis Fitness Strategies

A good advantage of having a private fitness trainer is that he or she will have many fitness tips that will help you in achieving a higher volume of fitness.

In the event you are trying to obtain better fitness on your own, you will most likely lack the understanding about critical fitness points that will allow you achieve your desired volume of fitness. Speak to a fitnes trainer & find out have these particular fitness tips.

Benefit #1: Fitness Assistance

A different positive reason for having a personal fitness coach is that you’ll have access to fitness assistance. Countless individuals basically lack the knowledge on the best way to exercise properly. By setting up a meeting with your local personal fitness trainer, you can gain access to a person who can appropriately help you in all fundamentals of your exercise regiment.

Benefit #2: Fitness Is For Exercise, Not Preparing

By hiring a fitness trainer, you can permit him or her to plan your private fitness plan. By doing this, you will be able to concentrate on exercising those pounds off while your fitness trainer will inform you on how you can do so. You won’t are obliged to think of what kind of exercises you’ll need to do to achieve desired outcomes.

Benefit #3: Keeping That Body Fitness Helped You Obtain

Perhaps the factor that most men and women struggle with after achieving a higher degree of fitness is that they’ll revert back to their old approaches just since they lack the expertise on how you can keep their new & improved body in shape. Your personal trainer can give you the inside recommendations on how to keep your body looking superb, even years after you hired the fitness trainer.

Call Your Neighborhood Fitness Coach Today

What are you waiting for? In the event you are reading this post, you are probably looking into improving your fitness level. The greatest way, without a doubt, to improve your fitness is by calling your nearby fitness center today & scheduling a meeting with a fitness trainer.

By doing this, you will be taking the very first step to improved fitness.

Now that you’ve produced a burning desire to be fit, healthy and appealing, and have begun secretly conspiring to satisfy your desires, the noticeable question can become…


There are a number of distinct kinds of fitness items to pick out from… all claiming to be your ideal fitness, health and physique solution.

* Numerous recommendations…

* A lot of renowned personalities…

* Numerous advertisements…

Nevertheless which fitness product will work best for you?

Here are some characteristics to try to find when selecting a fitness product.

The more of these characteristics the fitness product has… the better the chance you will succeed in achieving your fitness, well being and physique ambitions.

Your Physical Fitness Program Must Be… Productive

While this characteristic seems like a no-brainer… you would be surprised at just how lots of individuals are actively using a fitness product that will never give them the results they seek.

Countless people say they want strengthen their degree of fitness… & get a bodybuilding product.

Major muscles aren’t necessarily indicative of a high quantity of fitness.

Loads of individuals say they need to lose fat… and get an aerobic endurance product.

Aerobic coaching is only a part of the fat loss equation, and will not produce the lean, muscular, athletic body most individuals want… regardless of all of the tough work. The point is, be sure the fitness product you decide upon is developed to get the outcomes you want… or you are doomed to failure before you commence. Should you wish to enhance fitness, boost health & create an appealing physique… find fitness products designed to yield these outcomes.

Your Physical Fitness Program Must Be… Fascinating

Let’s face it, should you are not contemplating the fitness product you select… you will not use it long adequate to see results.

I don’t care if the fitness product was confirmed to work by thousands of scientific studies… it will have no positive effect on your fitness, well being or physique in the event you do not do it.

And you won’t do it… if it will not hold your attention & peak your interest.

No matter how quite a few occasions you say…

“This time I’m not giving up till I get the results I need.”

… you’ll ultimately give up if the fitness product isn’t interesting to you.

Don’t force yourself to struggle with a fitness product you hate… find interesting fitness products that fit into your way of life and match your personality.

You must look forward to physical training… not dread it!

Your Physical Fitness Program Must Be… Modifiable

There is not 1 fitness product in existence that could be all points to all individuals… regardless of what all of the slick-tongued adverts say.

Fitness products must be modifiable to your objectives, needs, abilities and limitations… you must be given a degree of freedom to make the physical fitness program uniquely your own.

You have distinct desires and needs.

You have diverse strengths and weaknesses needing precise attention.

You must be able to take an active role in the use of the fitness product… modifying it into your ideal fitness program.

Cookie-cutter programs claiming lengthy-term results do not work.

Look for fitness items that might be conveniently modified to your one of a kind circumstance.

Your Physical Fitness Program Must Be… Sustainable The more the fitness product is dependent on machines, devices & other complexities… the simpler it’s to destroy.

What happens when the machine is not accessible, the device breaks or the complexity you’ve based you overall fitness program on is lacking?

Your physical tuition comes to a grinding halt!

I am not saying you need to stay away from fitness goods that use machines, special equipment, etc… only do not decide upon a product that makes you dependent upon them.

You are responsible for your fitness success… not the availability of a piece of equipment, or access to a machine.

Find fitness items that help you sustain physical training inside your life-style no matter what the circumstances.

Your Physical Fitness Program Must Be… Progressive

There are a number of fitness goods out there presented as a remedied workout.

“Do this over and over again & you will get the outcomes you need.”

Plus the workout may be productive in the starting… for quite a few people and for a restricted degree of time.

Regrettably, any workout program not part of a progressive over-all plan is doomed to failure.

This is why you still need fitness items with all of the gratis workouts out there.

A workout without a progressive plan is little more than manual labor… and will fail to take you where you want to go.

Any improvements you see in the starting will quickly disappear, leaving you asking, “What do I do now?”

Then it is off to choose yet another workout to try.

Ensure the fitness product you pick is progressive in nature… & not just “add more weight” either.

Progression on numerous different levels is probably the most essential aspect of any productive fitness program.

Your Physical Fitness Program Must Be… Measurable

The pursuit of fitness, wellness & physique is a journey… & like any worthwhile journey, it need to be documented.

The capacity to measure your progress will keep you on the track of success… enabling you to see where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Make sure the fitness product you decide on comes with a workout journal, or that 1 might be simply made… Don’t underestimate the importance of a workout journal.

Your workout journal will enable you…

* judge if your physical training efforts are getting you closer to your goals…

* choose in the event you need to modify your fitness program…

* and identify if it’s time to switch to something entirely diverse…

… in the end guiding and documenting your fitness success.

Check out fitness goods making it straightforward to measure their effectiveness… how else will you really know if it’s working for you or not?

Use Your Typical Sense

If the fitness product…

* attracts you…

* speaks to you…

* excites you…

* and ultimately makes sense to you…

… it’s most likely the correct fitness product for you.

After all, only a physical fitness program you truly do, & that ends up being a part of your way of life, will give you the lengthy-term fitness, health and physique positive aspects you seek.

Now that you’ve a burning desire to be fit, wholesome and attractive, have secretly conspired inside yourself to obtain your objectives & know what to choose in a fitness product, there is only 1 thing left to do… act!

Always come Fitness gyms for more info regarding Fitness bikes.
Fitbit Force

Nike FuelBand SE Review 2013

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

Nike Fuel Band Product Review 2013


The FuelBand  SE is the latest accessory from Nike  that can potentially transform your fitness routine. Whether your are non-athletic or training hard, the band is full of useful features that are fun to use. Within a day of wearing the bracelet, you will begin to feel like you would be missing something without it. Suddenly you will want to quantify every activity throughout your day, for fun you will want to know how many calories you can burn during everyday activities. Unlike other devices the FuelBand has a screen that with a quick glace thereof, will keep you updated on your activity stats.

Nike’s integrated metric algorithm helps you to keep track of your progress by earning ‘fuel points’ calculated using two accelerometers on either side of the bracelet. For perspective, 2000 fuel point setting is typical for a sedentary day, such as a day of office work. While 5000 fuel point setting is more like a day hiking or in the gym. Fuel points inspire you to set and meet goals throughout your day and incentive to change your behavior in order to earn fuel points. You might choose to bike to work, take the stairs to the office, take a walk on your lunch break, or hit the gym after you’ve finished business, things of that nature.

Earning points is one way in which Nike tries to tap into the nature of your competitive spirit. Like earning points, there is a whole FuelBand network that lets you compete against others to keep you motivated and/or inspired. This is a unique aspect of the brand and brilliant utilization of the large pool of athletes who use their products- and a huge selling point. Even if you’re not into sharing your stats online, you can still use it to simply track your performance as well as your progress toward pre-set goals over time.

The band comes in two versions of black and white; they are black, black ice, white, and white ice. These colors literally go with everything and surprisingly the band blends in well dress either up or down. Aside from completely fashionable differences, they are the same device functionally. The band is easy and comfortable to wear. For smaller frames it may be just slightly oversized, causing it to catch and move around more than you might appreciate. Still with its lightweight material, it is likely that you will forget you have it on. One of the best features is the fact that it is waterproof, so you can keep it on during aquatic cross trainings or even just when you are in the shower. This is an extremely convenient feature combined with it remarkably long battery life makes integrating the band into your routine nearly effortless. The featured tools are intuitive to use and very useful.

The effectiveness of the band really depends on your commitment to utilizing its features. Overall the band has many tools to make this an effective everyday device. As mentioned, the ready at a glance stats screen is very effective at reminding you of your progress. Since it features a clock function, every time you want to know the time you can get a quick check of your stats. The fuel points, step counter, calorie counter, and distance calculator tools are really effective in quantifying your routine and giving you ideas on how to change your routine to achieve desired stats. Despite my reservations about the range of error in how stats are calculated, the fact that the numbers are there for you all day long makes it an effective catalyst that inspires a competitive response. FuelBand is like a personal trainer there to provide challenges that catalyst a competitive response. Achieving daily fitness goals provides a consistent feeling of accomplishment. Monitoring your activity is a rewarding experience that provides enough of a shift in small choices that soon compose into a picture of better health.

At $150, it’s a lot of money for people to want to spend on a fancy pedometer but for all of its features, this is really a great deal on a subtly sophisticated device that could be exactly what you’ve been looking for to jumpstart a long-term improved fitness program and overall better health. The FuelBand is fun to use, effective, engaging, and fashionable.

Please visit the site for more information on brand name products like Nike FuelBand SE –
Nike FuelBand Product Review 2013

Yoga and my favorite cat.

Sunday, October 13th, 2013

This is my cat. His name is Misha. He likes to lie on myThe Village and see how I’m doing yoga with my new Garmin Vivofit. cropped-DSC00105_1.jpg DSC00105 cropped-DSC00105.jpg

Garmin ForeRunner

cropped-DSC001051.jpg cropped-DSC0010512.jpg


Gadgets for Fitness.

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

My review Gadgets for Fitness tracking .


FitBit Flex or Force, Fuel Band or SE. Or, may be,

Jawbone Up.

Compare gadgets and apps for fitness. Find Your the Best Fitness Tracker! Gadgets for Fitness tracking review. WHAT PRODUCT IS RIGHT FOR YOU? FitBit Flex or Force, Fuel Band or SE? Learn which fitness tracker is for you. 1. Make fitness a lifestyle with FitBit Flex™.

Fast weight loss - NO drugs, diet, or exercise...

This slim, stylish fitness gadget  is with you all the time. During the day, it tracks steps, distance, and calories burned. At night, it tracks your sleep quality and wakes you silently in the morning. Just check out the lights to see how you stack up against your personal goal. It’s the motivation you need to get out and be more active.

Set a goal and go

Fit Bit Flex(or Force)  allows you to set a goal and uses LED lights to show how you’re stacking up. Each light represents 20% of your goal. You choose which one — steps, calories, or distance. It lights up like a scoreboard, challenging you to be more active day after day.


  • Steps taken
  • Distance traveled
  • Calories burned
  • Active minutes
  • Hours slept
  • Quality of sleep

Powered by Fitbit’s leading-edge accelerometer, Flex bases calculations like calories burned on your personal profile — reflecting your stats, not any average Joe’s.  More info about FitBit Flex/Force/One fitness trackers.