Motivation system based on the bracelet Nike Fuelband SE.

Friday, January 10th, 2014

” Nowadays, rapidly carrying us all to the technological singularity , every available space on the hands (or body ) is already a human subject for any possible life of the device. Google ” landed ” on the “eye” with your Google Glass. Panasonic made ​​headphones that transmit sound through the bone. Smartphones, supplanted with our wrists watch ( or turn these old timepieces with a couple-three functions rather decoration ) to acquire the additional gadget ( SAT ) as a “smart ” hours and returning on our hands .

On one of these devices , who took the “niche” wrists , Nike Fuelband SE I want to tell , not only from a technical standpoint , but also motivational and psychological .

Why I bought Nike Fuel Band ?

I spend a lot of time at the computer. Working for several years at home with periodic field visits to the city and this sedentary lifestyle, eventually led to the fact that last summer, on one of the training badminton , during a botched jump, I tore myself Achilles tendon in his left leg” . Continue reading…

And one of the points of my program became bracelet Nike Plus Fuelband  SE. Among other items – a healthy diet, proper sleep , exercise with a more dynamic and regular loads … That is nothing new (all this is known to every schoolchild ) , so leave all these items outside of this post and look at the actual bracelet.

Nike Fuel Band  SE Motivation System

Before you begin to deal with something , we should at least acknowledge his presence . And the first thing we have to admit to anyone who wants to take over your health – it’s your own laziness.

We , IT people , it is called ” power saving mode “, and in order to raise themselves ” by the scruff ” and get away from the computer , go for a walk , you need a ” kick ” , the momentum and preferably coming from the “external” environment. Ie if it is a pop-up window every hour reminder that you can close with a mouse click – this will not work.

Bracelet Nike Fuelband SE may become the pulse beckoning walk and dial “glasses » (Fuel).

Actually, around these points of physical activity ( Fuel )and construct a system of motivation of owners of these bracelets. The essence is simple – a bracelet integrated accelerometer that registers your physical activity , and converts it into standard units of Fuel.
 Owner bracelet exposes goal ( minimum number of points that need to be collected during the day ) and tends to perform every day (or even better – surpass ) its norm.

But let’s start from the beginning.

Unpacking and Installation Fuelband SE Continue reading…

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Nike+ FuelBand SE system requirements.

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

What are

Nike+ FuelBand SE system requirements?

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For the best experience with your Nike+ FuelBand SE, you will need the following:

A computer with a USB 2.0 port and an up-to-date operating system (Windows 7 or 8, Vista, or XP for PC; OS v10.6 or newer for Mac)
Internet access (broadband highly recommended)
A compatible mobile device (iPhone 4S or newer, or iPod touch generation 5 or newer) on which to run the optional mobile app

That’s it! No sensor, gear, or specific shoe model is required to use Nike+ FuelBand SE.

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“Fitbit and the Fitbit logo(s) are trademarks of Fitbit, Inc.

You can read about the applications for activity trackers here:
Fitbit gadgets tools and applications.
Fitness gadgets tools and applications. Part two.

What if Nike+ Connect won’t detect my device?

Troubleshoot on a Mac

  1. Unplug your Nike+ FuelBand device. Shut down and restart your computer. Retry plugging in your Nike+ device.
  2. Uninstall Nike+ by navigating to your Applications folder. Drag the Nike+ Connect icon into the Trash bin.
  3. Reinstall Nike+ Connect.
  4. Launch Nike+ Connect manually by navigating to your Applications folder and clicking on Nike+ Connect.
  5. Retry plugging in your Nike+ device, and if the option is available, try connecting your Nike+ device to a different USB port or a different computer.

Troubleshoot on a PC

  1. Unplug your FuelBand. Shut down and restart your computer. Retry plugging in your Nike+ device.
  2. Uninstall Nike+ by clicking Start > Control Panel > Programs. Select Nike+ Connect and click the “Uninstall” button.
  3. Reinstall Nike+ Connect.
  4. Launch Nike+ Connect manually by clicking Start > All Programs > Nike+ Connect folder then click on the Nike+ Connect icon.
  5. Retry plugging in your Nike+ device, and if the option is available, try connecting your Fuel Band SE  a different USB port or a different computer
    Nike Fitness Store

Fitbit wireless activity + sleep trackers

Fitness gadgets Stores:
FitBit Flex and FitBit Force Store
Nike Fuel Band SE Store
FuelBand\Jawbone\Fitbit\ trackers compare, select and buy site.

Useful links about apps for fitness gadgets.

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

 1. Fitness Gadgets – Fuel Band, FitBit Force and Flex, Jawbone Up and other.Apple and Android fitness apps review.More Info


2. How to download the Nike+ FuelBand App – The Nike+ FuelBand App is available for free in the iTunes App Store. You can get the FuelBand App on the iPhone (3GS and above), iPod touch (3rd generation and above) and iPad. You must download the App from iTunes on your computer or via WiFi on your mobile device.
3.How do I set up my Nike+ FuelBand?

Nike+ FuelBand Setup Instructions

  1. Download and install Nike+ Connect. On-screen prompts will lead you through the process, concluding with a prompt to plug in your FuelBand SE.

  2. Complete the setup flow, entering your personal details, selecting your wrist orientation, and daily NikeFuel goal.

  3. When prompted, log in to your existing Nike+ account. If you don’t yet have an account, click “REGISTER” to create one. Registration is free.

  4. Look for the “GO” message on the FuelBand display to confirm that your account and your device are successfully linked.

  5. Keep your device connected to your computer until Nike+ Connect shows you a message indicating that the battery is fully charged.

FuelBand SE for yoga or weight lifting

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Wearing the Nike+ FuelBand for yoga or weight lifting


Fitness trackers compare and buy.

Nike+ FuelBand SE and first generation FuelBand track your aggregate activity throughout the day and are best suited for activities with full-body motion that include at least some amount of wrist motion.
If you use a treadmill, elliptical trainer, or stair climber, you’ll earn more NikeFuel by using your arms rather than holding the rails.
If you weight train or do yoga, your FuelBand or FuelBand SE may not capture as much NikeFuel as they do for other activities that involve more full-body and wrist motion. By wearing your device throughout the day, you’ll have an overall representation of your activity, including both full-body activity and activity with more limited motion.

With the Nike+ FuelBand SE, there is a new feature called Session Calibration, which allows you to modify the perceived intensity output of your Session, giving you more NikeFuel for that Session. Session Calibration is limited to three types of activities: Yoga, Training, and Cyclin.

Fuel Band SE and swimming.

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Can I swim with the Nike+ FuelBand?Nike_FuelBand_SE

The FuelBand is not  for swimming.

Nike+ FuelBand tracks most everyday activities, and we encourage you to wear it all the time.
However, there are a few activities, such as swimming, that are not designed for the FuelBand.

The FuelBand SE is water resistant but not waterproof.
It is not recommended to wear the FuelBandSE while swimming, surfing, wakeboarding, paddleboarding or other activities on the water. You can wear the FuelBand in the shower or in damp weather.

The FuelBand can also be damaged if worn during some contact sports. Please use your best judgment when wearing the Nike+FuelBand SE during activities that may expose the device to direct hits.


Sunday, November 17th, 2013

More from your run

Get GPS tracking, audio feedback and cheers from your friends while you run with Fuel Band .


  • GPS
  • Pace Tracker
  • Timer
  • Calories
  • Pedometer
  • Music Player
  • Nike+ FuelBand SE

    Tracks calories burned, steps taken, and more. It’s also a great watch.

What is Nike Fuel Band SE?

Sunday, November 17th, 2013


 NikeFuel SE  is a universal way to measure movement for all kinds of activities.

NikeFuel is a single, universal way to measure all kinds of activities—from your morning workout to your big night out. Uniquely designed to measure whole-body movement no matter your age, weight or gender, NikeFuel tracks your active life.


Calculate. Compare. Compete.

Visualize Your Progress

See all your activity in rich graphs and charts. Spot trends, get insights and discover things about yourself you never knew before.

Play With Friends

NikeFuel is calculated the same way for everyone no matter your age, gender or sport of choice. Share with friends to see how you stack up.

Get Extra Motivation

The more you move, the more NikeFuel SE you earn. Do more and unlock awards, trophies and surprises.

Share Your Success

Share your accomplishments with friends and other Nike+ members. Get cheers and since NikeFuel is a universal metric, challenge them to match it.


NikeFuel Starts With Nike+ Devices

Nike+ devices track your runs, your walks, your entire athletic life.

See All Nike+ Gear

Nike+ FuelBand SEBMeasures everyday activity and turns it into NikeFuel. Tracks calories burned, steps taken and more.

Nike+ SportWatchBGPS tracking, takes splits, reminds you to run and even remembers all of your PRs.

Nike+ Running AppBMap your runs, track your progress and get the motivation you need to go even further. Hear cheers, play tag and more.

How does the Nike+ FuelBand SE work?

Saturday, November 16th, 2013

How does the Nike+ FuelBand SE work?

The FuelBand SE captures your movements and converts them to NikeFuel.

The Nike+ FuelBand SE is a powerful activity-tracking device you wear around your wrist, like a watch.

Whenever you’re active throughout the day, FuelBand SE’s motion-sensing technology captures your movements and converts them to NikeFuel. The NikeFuel you earn is tracked as you work toward meeting the Daily Goal you’ve set for yourself.

You can view your progress toward your Daily Goal on the FuelBand SE itself, in the free Nike+ FuelBand App (iOS only), and in your Nike+ account.

You can upload all NikeFuel earned to your free Nike+ account. Because all your activity data is stored permanently on, your account over time will become a valuable resource for tracking activity trends and recognizing the progress you’ve made in becoming more active.

Need More Help?

Contact Nike+ Support for assistance. You can also give feedback or report a bug.

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Saturday, November 16th, 2013

Nike+ Fuelband SE


Fitbit Force

The smart, simple, and fun way to get more active.

Latest Nike Activity

See what’s happening in Nike+ around the world.


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Achievements Earned


Miles Run

Join the Nike+ Community

Why Join Nike+ ?

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Track Your Activities

From running to everyday activities, Nike+ lets you track multiple activities – and compare your results over time.

Set Personal Goals

Then personally smash them. Nike+ lets you set goals, then helps you push yourself to get better. One day. One run. One workout at a time.

Train Smarter

Get coaching tips and tricks from our world-class coaches as you work up to a specific goal – or just want to improve your overall performance.

Improve Performance

Save your runs and activity – and see yourself get better. Nike+ also shows you trends, suggests insights and helps you improve.

Find a Better Route

Nike+ helps you find new places to run, offering games, rewards and other ways to help you test your limits – and have fun doing it.

Describe Your Day

Describe how you felt, the weather, the terrain, the specific route you took. Even add a note to embellish the experience.

Challenge Friends

Show them what you’re made of – push yourself and challenge your friends for top spot on the leader board.

Share Your Success

There’s no such thing as a small victory. Nike+ rewards your successes and lets you share them with friends.

Learn More

NikeFuel is a universal way to measure movement for all kinds of activities.

The more you move, the more you earn.

NikeFuel measures all the activities of your athletic life. Nike+ devices track your moves and turn them into NikeFuel.

A universal language.

NikeFuel is a single, universal way to measure all kinds of activities—from your morning workout to your big night out. Uniquely designed to measure whole-body movement no matter your age, weight or gender, NikeFuel tracks your active life.

Fitbit wireless activity + sleep trackers

Nike+ FuelBand SE official site

Saturday, November 16th, 2013

Nov 14, 2013

,Rock Hill, SC, USA


I run:0-15 miles a week


I run primarily to:Stay in shape
moderately high quality
Low quality
High quality
I don’t run, so I don’t need exact steps or GPS. I work out and walk and work from home and really love the motivation to just get up and do something to hit my goal. It is a great reminder to stay active, and that is key.
The band is also a “neat” toy, works great as a watch, and watching your “Fuel” can be addictive…
1.0 / 5
A Love-Hate relationship
Nov 14, 2013
,Seattle, WA


I run:0-15 miles a week


I run primarily to:Stay in shape
slightly low quality
Low quality
High quality
I am in to my third Fuel Band in less than one year. Nike customer service is great, but why am I having to replace this product over and over? The newly released Fuel Band SE sounded so promising, and I was thrilled to see it display a “Happy Birthday” message the day after I charged up the battery for the first time. But in less than 24 hrs the battery was dead. Now, after two subsequent charges, battery life is 6 hours or less. Nike, shame on you! I will be calling yet again for another replacement!
5.0 / 5
Nike Fuel Band Power
Nov 13, 2013
,Sacramento, CA, USA


I run:16-30 miles a week


I run primarily to:Have fun
very high quality
Low quality
High quality
The Fuel band fits very comfortable on your wrist and is great to have on 24.7, its shower proof and when its dark you can use it as a light, for people that don’t have one or have never seen one its a wow factor and people love how it lights up. 100% great product!
2.0 / 5
Button breaks very easily
Nov 13, 2013
,New York, NY, USA


I run:0-15 miles a week


I run primarily to:Stay in shape
slightly low quality
Low quality
High quality
I’ve had my FuelBand since May 2013 and on my second one because the button keeps breaking. I went to the Nike Store and they said they have gotten numerous complaints about it. I was hoping the FB SE would improve this defect but looks like they’ve kept the same design. Deciding between the Jawbone UP and the Fitbit Force.
2.0 / 5
push button
Nov 13, 2013
,Edmonton, AB, Canada


I run:0-15 miles a week


I run primarily to:Stay in shape
This is a great aid for keeping track of my activity. I have gone through 3 fuel bands and my 2 sons have gone through 2 each. All the same problem, the button gets soggy and will not work, hopefully Nike can fix this problem. The replacements are sent very quickly after I couriered the damaged band to Nike.

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  • Earns NikeFuel, a universal way to measure movement for all kinds of activities
  • Tracks the intensity of your workouts and enables sleep tracking with Nike+ Sessions
  • Counts steps and tells time
  • Displays your progress in real time
  • Keeps you and your friends motivated through Nike+ Groups


Learn more.




  • Available in three sizes: small (5.79 inches / 147mm), medium/large (6.77 inches / 172mm) and extra-large (7.76 inches / 197mm).
  • Includes two easy-to-insert links (.32 inches / 8mm and .63 inches / 16mm) for a fine-tuned fit
  • USB charging cable and sizing tool included
  • Ambient light sensor detects environmental light levels and adjusts accordingly
  • Bluetooth 4.0 pairing to smart phones (for use with the Nike+ FuelBand app for iOS 6.1 and above, iPhone 4S and above, and iPod Touch 5th generation and above)
  • Optimized for the web (Mac OSX v10.6 and above / Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8) and works on iOS devices (iPhone 4S and above, iPod Touch 5th generation and above).
  • Water-resistant




To request an order for more than ten Nike+ FuelBand SEs, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-806-6453.




The Nike+ FuelBand SE comes with a one-year limited warranty. See details.



For answers to frequently asked questions, see the FAQs page.


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Style – Color # WM0110-071


Nike+ FuelBand SE



The new Nike+ FuelBand SE is the smart, simple and fun way to get more active.




Find the right fit with our size chart.