Sony SmartBand activity tracker review and comparison with other gadgets for fitness

Friday, August 8th, 2014

Sony Smart Band fitness gadget versus Samsung Gear Fit, Vivofit from Garmin

Polar Loop, FuelBand SE, Soleus Go!and FitBit Flex activity trackers.

Sony Smart Band Colors Features of the Sony Smart Band:
– 8 available colors ( Garmin Vivofit have 5 available colors (Black,  Slate, Teal, Blue and Purple), FitBit Flex comes in only two colors like FuelBand SE

SmartBand is a very lightweight device


  • Weights and Measurements

    • Dimensions (Approx.) : 8.4 in (214 mm) (Length small wristband) 9.8 in (250 mm) (Length large wristband) 1.6 x .6 x .3 in (40.7 x 15.3 x 7.8 mm) ( compare with  Nike+ Fue Band SE have 3 sizes SMALL 150–190.5 mm,MEDIUM/LARGE 155–196mm and X-LARGE     180+mm, Vivofit sizes are Small: 4.7 – 6.9” / 120 – 175mm • Large: 6.0 – 8.3” / 152 – 210mm,  FitBit  have 2 sizes- SMALL 140-176 mm and LARGE 161-209 mm)
    • Weight (Approx.) : .74 oz (21 g) (Wristband and core)
      • Power

        • Battery Type : Lithium Polymer, 35 mAh
        • Battery Life (Approx) : Up to 5 days (VivoFit, Polar loop and Samsung Gear Fit have a 1+ year battery life.Water Resistance
          IP58 ( FuelBand SE  is  not recommended for use while swimming)


          The price of this Sony activity tracker is $ 99.99  . For comparison, the price of FuelBand SE is $ 138.99 ,  the price of Polar loop is $ 129.95 ,the price of FitBit Flex is $ 99.95 and Garmin Vivofit cost begining from $129,99

          Only Android  compatibility Devices

          Sony SmartBand Specifications:


    • Charging Times Power
      • Battery Charging (Approx.) : ≤ 1 hour
    • Color : Black
  • Convenience

    • Remote Control Functions : Life bookmark, Media player remote: play, pause, skip track forward / back
  • General

    • Compatibility : Devices with Android 4.4 or later; BlueTooth 4.0 Low Energy (BLE) Lifelog app; Smart Connect App (Apps preloaded or available at Google Play)
  • General Features

    • Notification : 3 LED and vibration alert for incoming call, message, device out of range, alarm clock, etc.
  • NFC

    • One-touch pairing/connecting : Yes
  • Operating Conditions

    • Water Resistance : IP58
  • Power

    • Battery Type : Lithium Polymer, 35 mAh
    • Battery Life (Approx) : Up to 5 days (Typical usage time); Up to 5 days (Standby time)
    • Charging Connector : Micro USB (charging only; no data transfer)
  • Weights and Measurements

    • Dimensions (Approx.) : 8.4 in (214 mm) (Length small wristband) 9.8 in (250 mm) (Length large wristband) 1.6 x .6 x .3 in (40.7 x 15.3 x 7.8 mm) (Core dimensions)
    • Weight (Approx.) : .74 oz (21 g) (Wristband and core)

Samsung Gear Fit review and comapasion with Nike FuelBand and FitBit Flex

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Samsung Gear Fit activity tracker Vs FuelBand SE, FitBit Flex and Jawbone Up gadgets for fitness


  • Gear Fitby Samsung designed for 24/7 time use to keep track of all your fitness activities and keep you connected witch Apple or Android devices, how to Flex an FuelBand
  • Light, durable and comfortable for any type of exercise
  • Customize the GearFit – Choose your wallpaper, background color and more

Samsug Gear Fit Image

 Features the tracker for fitness from Samsung:

  • Light and durable design with curved Super AMOLED touchscreen display
  • Customize it by changing the background colors, wallpapers, and clock designs
  • Receive instant notifications of all incoming messages on your compatible Samsung phone
  • Easily control basic functions, such as reject calls with messages, quick reply to messages and alarms
  • The Heart Rate Sensor delivers real time coaching (Flex and FuelBand have not the feature)
  • Keeps track of your activities throughout the day and is designed for 24/7 use with dust and water resistant protection (Like Garmin Vivofit, Polar loop and Soleus Go)


    • 1.84″ Curved Super AMOLED Touchscreen Display
    • IP67 Certified Dust and Water Resistant
    • Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Heart Rate Sensor
    • Typical usage: 3-4 day; Low usage: Up to 5 days ( Garmin Vivofit usage is 30 days)
    • Bluetooth 4.0 LE
      • Jawbone Up24

      • Fitbit Flex Wireless

Jawbone Up comparasion with Polar Loop, FuelBand, Vivofit and FitBit Flexfitness trackers

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

Jawbone Up24 activity tracker review and comparison with Vivofit, Nike FuelBand SE, FitBit Flex, Soleus  and Polar Loop.


Jawbone Up  Fitness Band is activity tracker like Flex from Fitbit, Polar Loop, FuelBand by Nike, Vivofit or Samsung Gear.Up24 help you increase your daily activity. All you have to do is wear the fitness band on your wrist and all of your activity- including cycling and swimming- is captured.Up24 shows the time, total steps, calories burned, daily activity goal and tips how to reachthe goal.


Jawbone Up ImageJawbone Up Key Features:
UP is a system that helps you understand how you sleep, eat and move so that you can make choices to live better. The new app displays your movement and sleep details from your Jawbone UP24 band ( how trackers from Fitbit, Polar, Nike or Garmin) and delivers insights, celebrates milestones and challenges you to accomplish more each day. Team up with friends in the UP app to keep you moving forward.

Small and comfortable to wear all day and night, UP24 tracks hours slept, time to fall asleep, how many times you woke up and more. Have a restful night by reflecting on your sleep patterns and receive insights that make observations actionable. Start your day right with the Smart Alarm™ ( see also Sony Smart Band and Soleus Go activity trackes)which gently wakes you up at the perfect moment in your sleep cycle.

KNOW HOW ACTIVE YOU ARE (Like  FuelBand, Flex and Soleus Go bands)
Capture a complete record of your day’s activity – steps, distance, calories burned and time spent active vs. idle. See how everything from going for a run to walking the dog contributes to reaching your goals. In-the-moment reminders will keep you moving to hit daily goals

Take a photo of your food, scan a barcode, browse the image gallery or search the ingredient database to record what you eat and drink. The UP app keeps track of your calories, fats, carbohydrates, protein, sugar, fiber and sodium.

See Also

  • Sony SmartBand

  • Samsung Gear Fit

  • Garmin vívofit

  • Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband

The UP Apple or Android apps simply and beautifully visualizes your information so, at a glance, you can understand the meaning behind your data. The UP app also delivers personalized insights and clear, actionable tips to help you achieve your goals.

See how your daily wins add up over time and share them with friends. The Jawbone  app celebrates your meaningful milestones such as your millionth step taken or hitting your sleep goal seven days in row, and then helps you achieve your next milestone.

The UP system integrates with the apps like Garmin Vivofit you already love to help you get even more out of your UP experience. Whether you’re biking with Strava, working out with Wello or jogging with RunKeeper, you can track it all with UP for the most complete picture of your day and night. And if you’re looking for new tools to help you meet your goals, the UP ecosystem has apps for fitness, weight loss, sleep coaching, detailed food journaling and more.

Wrap a string snugly around your wrist. Mark on the string where the two ends cross. Measure the string from one end to the marked place and following the size guide to determine which UP Band is right for you.

Jawbone Up size
SM = 5.5 to 6.0 inches/ 14.0 to 15.5 CM, MD = 6.0 to 7.0 inches/ 15.5 to 18.0 CM, LG = 7.0 to 8.0 inches/ 18.0 to 20.0 CM



Garmin Vivofit review.

Friday, February 14th, 2014

       Garmin Vivofit Review and comparison with

FuelBand SE and FitBit Force fitness trackers.


Q.Which colors Vivofit available? A.There are 5 available colors (see image below) – Black,  Slate, Teal, Blue and Purple. (vs FitBit FORCE comes in two colors Black and Slate) all_color_garmin_vivofit Q. What size is this fitness trackers? A. Dimensions of the GarminVivoFit are shown on picture: vivofit_size Q. Is the device waterproof? A. Yes of course, Vivo Fit  is water proof to 50m. ( compare – The Nike+ FuelBand SE  is water resistant. It is safe to wear in the shower . But, since FuelBand SE  is not waterproof, it’s not recommended for use while swimming) Q.How long enough battery?
VivoFit has a 1+ year battery life!
Q. How many  is VivoFit cost?How much are other fitness trackers? (for example, from companies such as Nike, Polar or  FitBit )
A. The price of this device is $ 129.99  . For comparison, the price of FuelBand SE is $ 138.99 ,  the price of FitBit Force is $ 129.95 ,the price of FitBit Flex is $ 99.95

Other Features Garmin Vivofit: 24/7 Wearable Technology • Soft, comfortable band in a variety of colors • Will withstand showers and swims • Band Sizes: • Small: 4.7 – 6.9” / 120 – 175mm • Large: 6.0 – 8.3” / 152 – 210mm (versus  Nike+ Fue Band SE have 3 sizes SMALL 150–190.5 mm,MEDIUM/LARGE 155–196mm and X-LARGE     180+mm.  FitBit Force have 2 sizes- SMALL 140-176 mm and LARGE 161-209 mm) • Over One Year Battery Life • Replaceable Bands and Accessory Band Packs On-Device Display: • Current time • Total steps & distance • Calories burned • Auto-goal • Inactivity Alert/Move Bar • Heart rate and zone when paired with HRM Garmin Connect:   The  Garmin Connect   has a completely updated look and feel, with improved navigation and a customizable dashboard. The new Garmin Connect is now compatible with the the new Garmin fitness band  VivoFit.

• Track activities- • Sleep, food and weight loss • Compare/Challenge with other users • Earn virtual badges for motivation Feature Breakdown: Auto-Goal : • Personalized daily goal is calculated based on data you enter at setup (i.e. current activity level: low, medium, high) and adjusts daily per activities tracked. Inactivity Meter – Move Bar : • A red move bar appears on the display after one hour of inactivity and builds when you’ve been sitting too long.Just walk for a couple of minutes to reset the move bar. Sleep Tracking Mode : • Detects movement while you sleep and when synced with Garmin Connect users will see a graph of movement throughout the night. HRM Compatibility : • When used with a compatible heart rate monitor, displays heart rate and heart rate zones. Using a heart rate monitor with vívofit to record heart rate and zone data will achieve more accurate calorie burn information for any fitness activity, such as a run or a cardio class at the gym. Where else can you read reviews about  Garmin Vivofit?

 Garmin Vivofit review: Hands-on at CES 2014 – What is the Garmin Vivofit? The Garmin Vivafit is a wrist fitness tracker designed to be worn all the time, just like a normal watch. It tracks your steps and works out how many calories you’re burning every day… Continue reading Hands on: Garmin Vivofit review   Vivofit is rerouting the incredible short battery life of wearable gadgets by launching an always-on fitness tracker that lasts more than a year on a single charge. We were able to wear the Vivofit fitness band without wearing down the battery at CES 2014 and quickly discovered that its secret is eschewing a backlight on its curved LCD screen and using some low-power efficiency tricks. That’s pretty amazing given the fact that leading fitness trackers, like the Fitbit Force and Nike FuelBand SE, require recharging every seven days if you’re lucky. They also require pushing a tiny button in order to read the time, daily step count, distance and calories. Viva fit displays all of this information without the need to press anything at all. Its single button is just used to cycle through the data… Continue readingGarmin ForeRunner
 Google search


Motivation system based on the bracelet Nike Fuelband SE.

Friday, January 10th, 2014

” Nowadays, rapidly carrying us all to the technological singularity , every available space on the hands (or body ) is already a human subject for any possible life of the device. Google ” landed ” on the “eye” with your Google Glass. Panasonic made ​​headphones that transmit sound through the bone. Smartphones, supplanted with our wrists watch ( or turn these old timepieces with a couple-three functions rather decoration ) to acquire the additional gadget ( SAT ) as a “smart ” hours and returning on our hands .

On one of these devices , who took the “niche” wrists , Nike Fuelband SE I want to tell , not only from a technical standpoint , but also motivational and psychological .

Why I bought Nike Fuel Band ?

I spend a lot of time at the computer. Working for several years at home with periodic field visits to the city and this sedentary lifestyle, eventually led to the fact that last summer, on one of the training badminton , during a botched jump, I tore myself Achilles tendon in his left leg” . Continue reading…

And one of the points of my program became bracelet Nike Plus Fuelband  SE. Among other items – a healthy diet, proper sleep , exercise with a more dynamic and regular loads … That is nothing new (all this is known to every schoolchild ) , so leave all these items outside of this post and look at the actual bracelet.

Nike Fuel Band  SE Motivation System

Before you begin to deal with something , we should at least acknowledge his presence . And the first thing we have to admit to anyone who wants to take over your health – it’s your own laziness.

We , IT people , it is called ” power saving mode “, and in order to raise themselves ” by the scruff ” and get away from the computer , go for a walk , you need a ” kick ” , the momentum and preferably coming from the “external” environment. Ie if it is a pop-up window every hour reminder that you can close with a mouse click – this will not work.

Bracelet Nike Fuelband SE may become the pulse beckoning walk and dial “glasses » (Fuel).

Actually, around these points of physical activity ( Fuel )and construct a system of motivation of owners of these bracelets. The essence is simple – a bracelet integrated accelerometer that registers your physical activity , and converts it into standard units of Fuel.
 Owner bracelet exposes goal ( minimum number of points that need to be collected during the day ) and tends to perform every day (or even better – surpass ) its norm.

But let’s start from the beginning.

Unpacking and Installation Fuelband SE Continue reading…

Coming SOON! Garmin VivoFit. Preorder today.

all colors  garmin vivofit

Fuel Band SE Fitness Tracker Make Exercising More Fun

Monday, November 25th, 2013

Fitness Gadgets To Make Exercising More Fun
By []Mike Hardens

As technology becomes more and more integrated into our lives, companies are creating all kinds of cool fitness gadgets to help us keep track of our health and prompt us to step up our level of physical activity. These exercise fitness gadgets range from simple pedometers to complex exercise apps that can keep track of your daily caloric intake by logging everything you eat. From wi-fi enabled bathroom scales to sleep track monitors, you can find and track just about anything related to physical fitness.

For those that like to keep detailed data these devices work great and can be a great tool for monitoring how effective their workouts are as well as make sure they stay on track. Generally speaking, the more you can measure your progress towards a goal, the more likely you are to achieve it. Fitness tracking devices and other exercise gadgets can really help keep you motivated as well.

A lot of manufacturers are starting to incorporate wi-fi into their devices as well. This allows the user to save whatever data they are tracking to a computer or website. Many companies use this to create a social component to help motivate people as well. By allowing you to share your data with other users online, communities form which fosters competition and creates accountability that may not otherwise have been possible alone.

Fitness + Technology = Lots of Data
For example, one of the largest communities of this kind belongs to rel=nofollow []Nike+ Fuel Band. Nike makes a whole range of fitness accessories that can track your runs, monitor calories burned, sync stats to your phone, and all kinds of other cool stuff. Working out suddenly becomes like a video game where you can collect rewards and unlock achievements for different activities as well as compare and compete with others. In fact, they are even about to introduce Nike+FuelBandSE  Kinect training for the Xbox 360 in the fall that will create personalized training programs and coaching that evolves as your body does.

With the explosion of mobile apps, there has been a huge increase in the number of fitness related apps in the marketplace. Apps can help you count calories, provide personal coaching, map out where you’ve walked, play music to get you pumped for a run and just about anything else you can think of.

Sleep trackers have also become a very popular in the last couple years. They allow you to track things like the quality of your sleep, how long you slept for, how long it took you to fall asleep, how much you moved during the night and all kinds of other interesting information. Over time, gathering this kind of data can really go a long way towards helping you pinpoint patterns or problems that may be preventing you from getting a good nights rest.

Of course this kind technology is not for everyone, and like with any other technology, it can introduce a whole other level of frustration and complexity to your exercise routine. But even if you are not really techy type person you can still get a lot of benefit from keeping track of your fitness goals, even if just on paper.

For the most part, these gadgets are exactly that. But if you like playing with toys and technology they can be a really fun way to add another dimension to your exercise regimen. There are really a lot of neat little accessories out there, so if you have any interest at all when it comes to fitness and technology, they are definitely worth checking out.

There is a famous quote that says “what gets measured, gets managed” and when it comes to working out those words are very true. If you don’t take the time to track your progress and see whether or not you are improving then it’s tough to know if your workouts are effective and be able to make the necessary adjustments.

After all, if you are going to spend the time and energy to get fit, then wouldn’t you want to make sure you are spending that time in the most efficient and productive way possible?

Exercise and fitness should be about leading a healthy lifestyle, and the Exercise Equipment Fanatic is all about providing information and tips to help get you there. We look forward to seeing what new and exciting fitness gadgets companies come up with!

Check out some other useful []articles about health and fitness, including recommendations on some of the best []home exercise equipment

Article Source: [] Fitness Gadgets To Make Exercising More Fun

Nike+ FuelBand SE system requirements.

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

What are

Nike+ FuelBand SE system requirements?

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Buy Your ViVofit!


For the best experience with your Nike+ FuelBand SE, you will need the following:

A computer with a USB 2.0 port and an up-to-date operating system (Windows 7 or 8, Vista, or XP for PC; OS v10.6 or newer for Mac)
Internet access (broadband highly recommended)
A compatible mobile device (iPhone 4S or newer, or iPod touch generation 5 or newer) on which to run the optional mobile app

That’s it! No sensor, gear, or specific shoe model is required to use Nike+ FuelBand SE.

Order today Garmin VivoFit.


“Fitbit and the Fitbit logo(s) are trademarks of Fitbit, Inc.

You can read about the applications for activity trackers here:
Fitbit gadgets tools and applications.
Fitness gadgets tools and applications. Part two.

What if Nike+ Connect won’t detect my device?

Troubleshoot on a Mac

  1. Unplug your Nike+ FuelBand device. Shut down and restart your computer. Retry plugging in your Nike+ device.
  2. Uninstall Nike+ by navigating to your Applications folder. Drag the Nike+ Connect icon into the Trash bin.
  3. Reinstall Nike+ Connect.
  4. Launch Nike+ Connect manually by navigating to your Applications folder and clicking on Nike+ Connect.
  5. Retry plugging in your Nike+ device, and if the option is available, try connecting your Nike+ device to a different USB port or a different computer.

Troubleshoot on a PC

  1. Unplug your FuelBand. Shut down and restart your computer. Retry plugging in your Nike+ device.
  2. Uninstall Nike+ by clicking Start > Control Panel > Programs. Select Nike+ Connect and click the “Uninstall” button.
  3. Reinstall Nike+ Connect.
  4. Launch Nike+ Connect manually by clicking Start > All Programs > Nike+ Connect folder then click on the Nike+ Connect icon.
  5. Retry plugging in your Nike+ device, and if the option is available, try connecting your Fuel Band SE  a different USB port or a different computer
    Nike Fitness Store

Fitbit wireless activity + sleep trackers

Fitness gadgets Stores:
FitBit Flex and FitBit Force Store
Nike Fuel Band SE Store
FuelBand\Jawbone\Fitbit\ trackers compare, select and buy site.

Useful links about apps for fitness gadgets.

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

 1. Fitness Gadgets – Fuel Band, FitBit Force and Flex, Jawbone Up and other.Apple and Android fitness apps review.More Info


2. How to download the Nike+ FuelBand App – The Nike+ FuelBand App is available for free in the iTunes App Store. You can get the FuelBand App on the iPhone (3GS and above), iPod touch (3rd generation and above) and iPad. You must download the App from iTunes on your computer or via WiFi on your mobile device.
3.How do I set up my Nike+ FuelBand?

Nike+ FuelBand Setup Instructions

  1. Download and install Nike+ Connect. On-screen prompts will lead you through the process, concluding with a prompt to plug in your FuelBand SE.

  2. Complete the setup flow, entering your personal details, selecting your wrist orientation, and daily NikeFuel goal.

  3. When prompted, log in to your existing Nike+ account. If you don’t yet have an account, click “REGISTER” to create one. Registration is free.

  4. Look for the “GO” message on the FuelBand display to confirm that your account and your device are successfully linked.

  5. Keep your device connected to your computer until Nike+ Connect shows you a message indicating that the battery is fully charged.

FuelBand SE for yoga or weight lifting

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Wearing the Nike+ FuelBand for yoga or weight lifting


Fitness trackers compare and buy.

Nike+ FuelBand SE and first generation FuelBand track your aggregate activity throughout the day and are best suited for activities with full-body motion that include at least some amount of wrist motion.
If you use a treadmill, elliptical trainer, or stair climber, you’ll earn more NikeFuel by using your arms rather than holding the rails.
If you weight train or do yoga, your FuelBand or FuelBand SE may not capture as much NikeFuel as they do for other activities that involve more full-body and wrist motion. By wearing your device throughout the day, you’ll have an overall representation of your activity, including both full-body activity and activity with more limited motion.

With the Nike+ FuelBand SE, there is a new feature called Session Calibration, which allows you to modify the perceived intensity output of your Session, giving you more NikeFuel for that Session. Session Calibration is limited to three types of activities: Yoga, Training, and Cyclin.

Fuel Band SE and swimming.

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Can I swim with the Nike+ FuelBand?Nike_FuelBand_SE

The FuelBand is not  for swimming.

Nike+ FuelBand tracks most everyday activities, and we encourage you to wear it all the time.
However, there are a few activities, such as swimming, that are not designed for the FuelBand.

The FuelBand SE is water resistant but not waterproof.
It is not recommended to wear the FuelBandSE while swimming, surfing, wakeboarding, paddleboarding or other activities on the water. You can wear the FuelBand in the shower or in damp weather.

The FuelBand can also be damaged if worn during some contact sports. Please use your best judgment when wearing the Nike+FuelBand SE during activities that may expose the device to direct hits.